True Blue

by Robert Willey

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released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Robert Willey Muncie, Indiana

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Track Name: UL Lafayette Jazz Combo III - Sambinha para João (A Little Samba for Joe)
“If you just play a lot of notes, but it doesn’t make you feel good, it’s not good playing, it’s just a lot of notes. Playing good means playing just enough to make me feel happy.”
—João Donato
Track Name: That's How It Goes
You were once just a kid
They would watch what you did
Now you're out on your own
All you got is a phone
Just hit the road
That's how it goes

Goin' out for a walk
Best get home before dark
Don't know who you might meet
And have to beat a retreat
Just hit the road
That's how it goes

Getting ready, pack up your favorite stuff
What you can carry in one trip should be enough

Take a knock on the chin
Other times you cash in
Get called in by the boss
Sits you down says "Get lost"
Just hit the road
That's how it goes

Suck it up, tuck it in
Hide the shape that you're in
Keep on wanderin' round
'till you find the right town
Just hit the road
That's how it goes

Take the pet and your wife
It'll be a nice life
Pack the kids in the back
And tie the bags on the rack
Just hit the road
That's how it goes

They will tell you
Look on the positive side
You're so lucky
It's up to you to decide

You don't know when you will die
Until that day you must try
To find your way to the best
Be it the east or the west
Just hit the road
That's how it goes

No more fun, time to run
No more fuss, take the bus
Don't be late for your date
Drive a car, you'll go far
Jump a bike or a trike
Slip a boat cross the moat
Jungle vine could be fine
Jump a train, new terrain
Pogo stick, not that quick
Leave the lane on a plane
Rocket ship, very hip
Now's the time, the last rhyme
Track Name: You Can Only Be So Cosmic
When you wanna be high and have that cosmic view,
but you're always comin' down and long for somethin' new.
Here's a word of warning, though there's nothin' you can do
when you think you're all together life'll play a trick on you.
Might as well accept it, you know this world's a zoo.
In everything that's holy there's an earthly side, too,
You can only be so cosmic.

When you're lookin' in the heavens down on earth you stub your toe,
but don't dwell on those things that hold you down below.
Don't resist the path you're on, it's the way for you to go,
the ups and downs are all a part of the road, you know.
Sit back, relax, enjoy the show,
until that legendary release from this world of woe
You can only be so cosmic.

The holiest guru on the highest hill must sometimes take a pee.
Life is not as predictable as they show you on TV.
It was my tantric queen who told me this, I think you will agree,
she brought me to enlightenment and shared her crabs for free.
It was revealed in meditation as I sat beneath a tree–
a messenger of the Lord, a bird, said as it dropped it's load on me:
"You can only be so cosmic."
Track Name: The Speed Limit Years
The car is wearing out, but it gets me where I need to go
It's scratched and has some dents but I don't mind
One hundred fifty thousand miles is a long long way to go
Drove me to the speed limit years.

The fan rattles, the upholstery's stained, the left front tire squeaks
We've survived three accidents
But it's paid for, has new tires, and the engine's going strong
Cruising through the speed limit years.

My gramma told me "Don't ever get old."
But there's no good alternative, I'm told.

Fifty five to seventy is a new stage of life
Starting to develop aches and pains
It's nothing that'll kill me yet, but it's makin' me slow down
Riding through the speed limit years.

What's gonna happen to my family?
And what about little old me?

I take five kinds of medicine and physical therapy
But can't sleep through he night or eat as much
My knee and shoulder hurt, but I'm not a gonna complain
'Cause I'm enjoying the speed limit years.

When I lose my license, and then my mind
And all the luggage, what'll be left behind?

It's time to stop the racin' 'round, ignoring the signs
Observing the speed limit years.